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Let’s talk about Hunger!

One of the immediate effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown is Hunger in vulnerable communities where the need for impactful interventions are exacerbated during this period.

The REACH: Reach Every Communal Household was set up and is dedicated to ensure that we support this need in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Our Vision is “To reverberate  the culture of generosity in Nigeria” 

Our Mission is “To impact the lives of the vulnerable “

Our Current Activity  –  Having provided food relief 15 weeks so far, we continue to reach out to communities, providing food and a need assessment to ascertain other ways of helping post COVID-19.

Current Impact 

Our intent was to reach and feed 300 households every week for 12 weeks. We surpassed that, and in our 15th week reached over 4000 households, seeing that there’s an enormous need in our communities. We would continue as generous donors like you help contribute funds. By making a gift to The REACH COVID-19 Response Fund, you are helping The REACH ensure that the vulnerable are not left hungry, or their children malnourished thereby making them more vulnerable and susceptible to the virus.


In Nigeria, an average meal for a low-income household cost about $0.63-0.75 which is approximately N250-N300/meal. We estimate a food pack of N5000 ($12.50) can feed an average family of 5 for about a week. It is also worthy of note that our food items are sourced directly from local farmers, this calls for a more sustainable and valuable supply chain.

We have curated a food pack with non-perishable food items per household at a cost of N5000 ($12.50) each. We estimate that we require N1.5 million ($3750) to feed 300 households per week.


We have a pool of 100+ dedicated volunteers who have signed up to support this outreach for free. They are providing administrative, project management, technological, logistics and on the ground support. With their dedicated support, we are able to ensure that every contribution received goes directly towards the cost of food packs and directly towards the intervention.

Support Us

We cannot do this alone, we require your support and support from well- meaning individuals like yourselves to make this happen. By making a gift to Project REACH COVID-19 Response Fund, you are helping The REACH purchase necessary PPE’s like N95 and survival masks, gowns, gloves, hand sanitizers for volunteers whilst aiding in ensuring that the vulnerable are not left hungry.

Help us reach 300 Households per week

Together we can keep hunger out, together we can reduce the worst impacts of COVID-19, while keeping our communities safe and secure.

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Thank you as you give!

Funds Requirement

N1,500,000 ($3750) needed for weekly reachout.

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