People usually are moved by the things they see, and they manifest different attitudes towards certain gestures tilted towards them and those exhibitions are usually exciting when you are genuine to them. The inner truth is seen when you act upon your words. People do not forget promises easily because promises are uplifting to the soul of the one who is at the verge of giving up. The promises you make sometimes brings hope to a heart that is already fading without you realizing and this is the reason you shouldn’t make promises if you won’t keep them. It tears the heart of the one who is relying on it.

Serenity was distorted, sadness was averted, you could hear the echoes of joy, the smiles on their faces knowing that someone cares about them. When the people of Ogbogolo and Mbiama saw volunteers on their beautiful T-shirts boldly written on it “The Reach with Burna Boy”, the jubilation and the excitement on the faces of the people were so heavenly, as they never expected that the volunteers would come back after the scouting and Verification due to the countless unkept promises of some organizations to them. That feeling of “oh our son remembered us”, on seeing the name Burna Boy and as they were informed that the day’s outreach was greatly sponsored by their son. 

The people couldn’t stop mentioning the name Burna Boy and throwing salutations even in his absence; many prayed for him in gratitude, others danced to his songs, while some couldn’t stop singing his hits. This is a display of their gratitude. I could hear the voice of the man whom after grabbing his food pack said “chai our pikin remember us, him give us this thing because him know say some of us no get, make Baba God bless am for us”, this is from someone whose life was touched, from someone whose hope was not cut short, a man who found bread on his table.

Life is indeed difficult for most people. Many are suffering and are hungry, hoping for a kind individual to quench their hunger. What have you offered to the people in this moment of struggle? Saturday wasn’t just about a son who is a famous musician, with many hit albums under his belt, it wasn’t about “Run my race” because we are all racing against COVID-19, the “Gbedu” couldn’t “enter body” because some people haven’t eaten. It was just not about the songs, the dance steps or the exceptional bits of Burna Boy. Beyond the music they saw humanity, they saw the person of Burna Boy, his kind and generous heart. There is more to life! To the man who said “Burna Boy know say no be only music we go chop, hunger dey for this side”. There are certain things we do that help testify our true essence, those simple gestures could depict who we are, they could represent something important about us that people neglect and take for granted. Being called an “Odogwu” in the industry meant something else to people as we reached out to them, all thanks to Burna Boy for sponsoring the day’s outreach. The people did not just see a Burna Boy who is very good at singing but a Burna Boy who is kind, generous and has his people at heart.

This distinguished him from just being the Boy on the stage and with other artists but a Burna Boy who became a treasure for his people, this act of remembrance and kindness is one that is rare. 

Burna Boy bore the fruit of responsibility at home and in his community, over 300 families were given food packs both in Mbiama and Egboama-Ogbogolo communities, The REACH coordinators and volunteers split themselves into two teams to carry out the outreach simultaneously. 

People couldn’t stop looking at the name Burna Boy, they saw kindness shown to them. He is now that child who brought joy and extended kindness to the vulnerable in his hometown.

The world is heavy and dark and we seem not to notice the kindness of people but crowd our minds with hate and judgement, but still, don’t stop extending help, keep doing good. There are many things that are attractive like good music but kindness became the fundamental, kindness is saturating, be kind, be intentional about the things you do.