Don’t let the Storm Stop You

The cloudburst that morning triggered thoughts in their minds, as they envisioned ways to accomplish the day’s outreach, so they flaunted their true humanity as people who are very compassionate, consistent and persistent, emitting motivational words to captivate and elevate their spirits into achieving their goal, they uttered statements like; “come rain, come shine today’s outreach must hold, they are embarking on this mission, the torrent won’t stop them, to them extending help and putting smiles on the faces of the people meant a great deal, these are people whose hearts have been completely captured by kindness and generosity and they couldn’t hide the virtues, that feeling that they are needed by people out there and how they may end up saving someone from shrinking today or dying because of hunger.

You know what happens when there is an outpouring and the clouds are out, the rain forming melodies as they hit the ground, the sun is given a break so the weather is so cool and this triggers the increase of melatonin in the brain. sleeping is something everyone would love to do. At such moments getting the best rhythm from the rain helps you sleep and relax better, not minding this, they all jumped off the bed to get drenched out there in the field trying to fight the pandemic called hunger.

The people of Tai, Nonwa community, they were so blessed, from the showers of blessings, the heavy rainfall from 3am to the set out time for the outreach, to everyone concurring to reach out to them even though it stormed and the D.P.O  at the police station at Tai conceding that his men assist in controlling the people for security purposes to ensure that bread gets to the people of his community without anyone getting hurt, a display of magnanimity.

At Nonwa, they saw more of aged people, widows and some disabled people, who survived daily by harvesting their crops, they were mostly farmers, so coming to Nonwa meant so much to the people as most of them maintained that they have being promised things in the past but only few people kept to their words and the R.E.A.C.H was sent by God. They have known more of crisis and violence but today was a difference, because hope was brought again to them.

One of the conversations they had with an inspector was about the palliatives they brought for the people, when he was informed that salt was also part of it, the inspector giggled, saying, “really? You want to tell me that there are people who cannot afford salt? “ The truth is you won’t know that people are suffering until you go close to them and then you hear their stories. So on getting to Nonwa he confirmed that, indeed people are suffering, as he saw people struggle to get hold of the bag, people dancing at the sight of the van, people praying and thanking God for sending them manna.

The excitement on the faces of the Nonwa people when they saw the convoy coming towards them, that excitement and happiness, that you get when you are offered a plate of food after a long stressful day without food, that joy that illumines your soul at the sight of a loved one, that assurance that something good is coming your way. As they stretched their hands and accepted the help, we could see the tears in their eyes as most of the women said they are widows and they barely survived, they couldn’t stop dancing because to them the R.E..A.C.H became their husband. They danced and moved their bodies like there was a bit to dance to, the rhythmic way they followed that bit of excitement in their hearts within the given space just for the purpose of expressing their emotions, the energy they exhibited. Left me with this impression, “Nonwa women are great dancers”.

it wasn’t easy though for them, they confessed because the people were much, it was difficult trying to control the people but they were able to control the chaos to their advantage and at least achieved social distancing. Nobody was denied this help, it wasn’t just a thing for indigenes but also for all those who live in Nonwa. I watched one of the volunteers draw a young fellow closer to her who was almost weeping because she was denied access to the tally by a Nonwa indigene because she is not from Tai, she gave her, her own pack and told her that they are here for everyone living in Rivers state who is in need of a touch.

Today was indeed great as they have added to the number of lives touched.

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