Instead of staying back at home staring at the television focusing on the number of cases and getting really scared about this virus or maybe watching their favourite TV programs, cooking, playing, chatting, dancing, for the ladies join the “Duduke” pregnancy trend and for the guys the “Don’t Rush” challenge, mention them all the things people do for fun to distract themselves from the shock this pandemic gave to us. Some wonderful volunteers went out again to reach out to people in need. This time around, it was at the mosque and this was very thoughtful of them! They came at a time when our brothers and sisters were about to break their fast, this simply showed awareness and a project and group of people who are not in for any form of discrimination, who are intentional about the things they do.

When they said they wanted to connect to the indigenes of Rivers state they didn’t say, just a selected people or community or people who speak the Rivers Languages, but they meant everyone who needs our help and is in Rivers state. Their plan is to connect to those who have something to give to the most vulnerable, who need something to eat, by extending help the little way they can. It was a shock to the Muslims as they saw some people not of same religion as theirs but with the ladies properly dressed with their hairs covered to show respect to those traditions they hold so dearly.

Coming to the mosque to extend help and getting to make people happy, meant so much to those great volunteers, you needed to see the laughter and excitement on the faces of the kids and adults, that laughter like there was a butterfly in their belle, that joy that comes when a close pal calls after a long while of waiting or expecting and you are like, oh, I was remembered finally. The men were so excited that they became so free with the volunteers and even thought them a word or two in their dialect to enable them control the people and direct them properly, they all know the importance of controlling the crowd the same crowd Naira Marley talked about, this is for the Marlians out there I am sure you just smiled. Indeed those words helped them to control the crowd better and it was the highlight of their outreach that day as I watched volunteers smile as they use those words, at that moment they became really close to the people because they spoke the language they really understood.

Again, just to remind everyone out there who is in need of this touch from them, the REACH is always ready to reach out to you, they are not just people who keep promises, they do not discriminate also, they are people who chose to put smiles on the faces of those in need, so don’t be shy, afraid, confuse about asking or not. They are here, so no one gives up due to lack, no one shrinks, no one dies because of hunger, their service is to the vulnerable. They speak the languages of love, hope and trust.


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